Your silk rugs and tapestries are treasured one-of-a-kind possessions, bought and made overseas in countries such as Iran or Turkey, and you want them to last as they are literally irreplaceable! Our gold standard Adelaide silk cleaning service is the best way to maintain your silk rugs and tapestries to a high standard for years to come:

star_img.png Gentle cleaning process that will not damage silk!

star_img.png Removes stains, dust mites, allergens, dirt, hair & more - perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Dries fast within 1-2 hours and leaves your silk rug smelling great!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Is a Green Environmentally Friendly Clean using NO toxic chemicals that is safe for your family and pets!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Is Licensed and Certified by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Significantly exceeds the Australian cleaning requirements in Australian Standard AS3733-1995!


  • Pet Urine Stain Removal From Silk Rug
    Pet Urine Stain Removal From Silk Rug
  • Adelaide Silk Rug Cleaning Netherby
    Adelaide Silk Rug Cleaning Netherby
  • Removing Pet Faces Stain From Silk Rug
    Removing Pet Faces Stain From Silk Rug


Delight recommends that silk rugs are never used for medium or high foot traffic areas and preferably are not located in foot traffic areas at all; we consider silk to be art and throughout the silk cleaning process will treat it as such.

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