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Even if you haven't given it much thought, the shocking reality about how many dust mites are present in mattresses may cause you to reconsider. According to studies, a used mattress can harbor between 100,000 and 10,000,000 dust mites that feed on dead skin cells. Surprisingly, the fecal matter of mites is what frequently irritates skin and lungs, not the mites themselves.

At "Delight Carpet Care," we recognize how important it is to keep your mattress clean in order to protect your family's health and wellbeing. Beyond eradicating dust mites, our professional mattress cleaning service also creates a hygienic resting environment.

Count on us as we are one of the most trusted mattress cleaning company in Adelaide, to maintain your family's health and your mattress clean. You can rest easy knowing your mattress is in good hands with our mattress cleaning service, which is advised at least once every six months.

Your mattress, with proper care, can last a decade and provide the quality sleep you deserve. So, invest in your family's health and the lifespan of your mattress with our expert mattress cleaning services.

How does Mattress Cleaning Contribute to Healthy Lifestyle?

It's crucial to keep your mattress clean since it protects your family from a variety of allergens, such as food particles, body oils, pet hair, and dirt. These undesirable contaminants have the potential to cause allergies, respiratory problems, and other health problems. Establishing a practice for cleaning mattresses effectively becomes essential to maintaining a healthy living space in order to address these problems.

Our professional mattress cleaning service will help you in following ways:

  • Effective removal of harmful particles
  • Bacteria, germs, and dust mite eradication
  • Elimination of pollutants
  • Reduced respiratory issues
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Removal of odor
  • Prevents skin irritation

Process Of Mattress Cleaning Service At Delight Carpet Care

  • Inspection: Our professionals examine your mattress with great care, looking for stains, filth, and areas that need extra care.
  • Vacuuming: Thorough vacuuming removes surface dust, ensuring a clean starting point for the cleaning process.
  • Stain Treatment: Stains are targeted and treated using mild yet potent stain removal solutions.
  • Contamination Treatment: Specialized treatment for contaminants like urine, ensuring thorough sanitation.
  • Dust Mite Treatment: A thorough method of getting rid of dust mites that helps create a healthier environment.
  • Drying: We make sure your mattress dries fast, usually in a few hours, using specialist equipment.
  • Final Inspection: To make sure the mattress is clean, sanitized, and prepared for usage; our dedicated team does final inspection.
Delight Carpet Care Adelaide

Advantages Of Our Mattress Deep Cleaning Service

  • Germ Free, Bio Clean mattress surface
  • Top-tier quality service for unmatched sleep hygiene
  • Advanced stain and allergen removal
  • Quick drying for immediate use
  • Environment friendly green clean
  • No Toxic chemicals used
  • Pet Friendly
  • Eliminates sweat & body oils
  • Protection of dust mites
  • Blood & urine treatment solutions
Delight Carpet Care Adelaide