Office partitions can provide noise reduction and privacy to Adelaide employees in an open plan office environment, but can also become a health and allergy hazard as little thought is generally given to partition cleaning and maintenance. Whether you are moving offices or have the partitions in-place, our office partition cleaning service will leave your partitions looking and smelling great:

star_img.png Highly specialised, high quality partition cleaning in Adelaide!

star_img.png Refreshes your office partitions, saving the cost of buying new!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Green & Environmentally Friendly Adelaide partition cleaning service which uses NO toxic chemicals or solvents!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Neutralises any bad odours and removes dust, leaving your office partitions smelling great and feeling fresh!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Reduced water usage by 90% compared to legacy commercial steam cleaning services, resulting in significantly increased Green Star Sustainability rating for your facility!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Eliminates the creation and subsequent disposal of dirty steam cleaning waste water into the environment!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Is Licensed and Certified by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute!

star_img.png​​​​​​​ Significantly exceeds the Australian upholstery cleaning requirements in Australian Standard AS3733-1995!


  • Adelaide Office Partition Cleaning
    Adelaide Office Partition Cleaning
  • Office Partition Cleaning Adelaide
    Office Partition Cleaning Adelaide

Cleaning office partitions in Adelaide can be tricky - traditional methods like steam partition cleaning can cause mold or mildew due to excess moisture reaching the partition backing. Our low moisture SMARTClean partition cleaning system combined with commercial grade HEPA filtration is the ideal method for your Adelaide office partition cleaning with no risk of mould and perfect for offices in which employees may have allergies or asthma.

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