Evolution Of Delight Carpet Care

Delight Carpet Care was founded in 2012 with the goal of reinventing cleaning in the heart of Adelaide. We have evolved over the past 11 years from our modest beginnings to become a household name in Southern, Central, and Northern Adelaide, servicing homes and businesses with our superior carpet cleaning services.

We are on a committed and passionate journey. What began as a simple venture evolved into a mission, to improve living and working conditions. Delight Carpet Care has established a reputation for being thorough, transforming areas into comfortable and hygienic havens. We always promise to deliver above-and-beyond carpet cleaning services when we enter any house or business. We don't just clean; we revive, rejuvenate, and restore.

Synonym to the best carpet cleaning company in Adelaide, we understand the complexities of stain removal, the delicacy of silk fabrics, and the importance of a fresh mattress. So, it is not just cleaning for us, it’s a commitment and we excel at it.

Come be a part of our story and let's create a cleaner, cozier, and more delightful world together!

Delight Carpet Care Adelaide
Delight Carpet Care Adelaide


Delight Carpet Care Adelaide

“What a fantastic rug-cleaning assistance! Our old carpet was revitalized by Delight Carpet Care. The level of detail was astounding. Strongly advised!

- Thabo N.
Delight Carpet Care Adelaide

“Perfectly executed delicate silk cleaning! With great care, Delight Carpet Care treated our silk materials, and the outcome was remarkable. I am grateful for your excellent service.

- Jacques L.
Delight Carpet Care Adelaide

“Excellent service for mattresses cleaning! Delight Carpet Care made sure that the sleeping area was clean and fresh. Extremely happy with the professionalism and thoroughness.

- Arno B.
Delight Carpet Care Adelaide

“Mold removal done right by Delight Carpet Care! After their quick resolution of the problem, our house feels healthier and cleaner. Great service overall.

- Estelle D.
Delight Carpet Care Adelaide

“My living room was transformed by Delight Carpet Care. The carpet appears to be brand-new! The outcomes were above my expectations, and the service was excellent.

- Sandra M.
Delight Carpet Care Adelaide

“The air in our house is much better now that Delight Carpet Care has cleaned it. The crew was timely, effective, and gave us peace of mind.

- Andre J.