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Adelaide Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning Adelaide
Rugs and carpets in Adelaide require regular rug cleaning and carpet cleaning to prevent accumulating dirt, dust, hair, stains and allergens from everyday Adelaide homes and offices. If left uncleaned odours, bacteria and fungi can also develop on carpets and rugs, increasing the difficulty of removing stains from your rug or carpet in subsequent rug cleaning & carpet cleaning. Delight recommends cleaning rugs & carpets once a year for light foot traffic and every 3-6 months for medium and heavy foot traffic areas.

Adelaide Carpet Cleaner Lockleys
Adelaide Carpet Cleaners Lockleys

Adelaide Rug Cleaning Northgate
Northgate Rug Cleaners Adelaide

Residential Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Regardless of carpet and rug fabric or level of soiling, our professionally accredited Adelaide rug cleaning and carpet cleaning technicians are up to the challenge! We use hospital grade HEPA filtration systems combined with the latest in low moisture Sustainable Green SMARTClean carpet cleaning and rug cleaning technology, which is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers as well as delicate carpet and rug fabrics which can not be cleaned through traditional steam rug cleaning or steam carpet cleaning.

Adelaide Carpet Cleaners Tusmore
Adelaide Carpet Cleaning Tusmore

Parkside Rug Cleaners Adelaide
Parkside Rug Cleaning Adelaide

Delight also offers carpet and rug protection to help keep your rug & carpet cleaner for longer and maintain its impressive look. Our Adelaide rug cleaners and expert carpet cleaners will advise you based on the rug or carpet fabric type as carpet and rug protection can be critical to preventing rug stains or carpet stains from becoming permanent. For example some manufacturers use viscose to accentuate rug patterns and provide a silky feel, yet don't tell you that viscose must be protected because stains can be impossible to remove from it even with our thorough rug cleaning and carpet cleaning process.

Mitcham Carpet Cleaners Adelaide
Mitcham Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Adelaide Rug Cleaners Malvern
Adelaide Rug Cleaning Malvern

We can also supply a bottle of our rug and carpet spot cleaning solution which you can use to quickly clean minor stains that occur in between carpet cleaning or rug cleaning cycles, leaving your Adelaide rug and carpet looking great all year round! Our Adelaide SMARTClean rug and carpet cleaning technicians are also experts at difficult carpet and rug stain removal; we know exactly how to remove stains from carpets and rugs, due to a thorough understanding of chemistry as it relates to carpet & rug cleaning. Nail polish removal from rugs & carpet, chewing gum removal, carpet pet urine stain and odour removal, even human and pet faeces are no match for our world class carpet cleaning and rug cleaning process.

Call the best Adelaide rug cleaners & carpet cleaners now on 0449 127 793 and experience the Delight Adelaide Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning Difference Today!

Adelaide Carpet Cleaners Fulham Gardens
Adelaide Carpet Cleaning Fulham Gardens

Henley Beach Rug Cleaners Adelaide
Henley Beach Rug Cleaning Adelaide

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Your carpet is one of the first things customers and employees see when they enter your Adelaide premises. Our Adelaide commercial carpet cleaning service will:

  • maintain the appearance of your carpets and increase their longevity,
  • reduce Adelaide carpet cleaning costs over the long term thus delivering more value for your carpet investment,
  • create a healthy, sanitary and clean carpet environment for your Adelaide customers and employees,
  • save you a lot of money by having Adelaide carpets cleaned instead of replaced for new commercial tenants.

Office Carpet Cleaners Adelaide
Adelaide Office Carpet Cleaning

Motel Carpet Cleaners Adelaide
Motel Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Using 90% less water than legacy steam carpet cleaning, our SMARTClean cleaning technology results in carpets which can be walked on within 60 minutes after Adelaide carpet cleaning, and serves to substantially increase the Green Star Sustainability rating of your Adelaide premises. Because our state of the art carpet cleaning system uses the latest advances in micro-polymerisation, carpets stay cleaner for much longer meaning you'll save money by not having your Adelaide carpets cleaned as often.

Adelaide Commercial Carpet Cleaners
Office Carpet Cleaners Adelaide

Commercial Carpet Cleaners Adelaide
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Delight Carpet Care is a family owned Adelaide carpet cleaning company who is fully insured against public liability and our SMARTClean system significantly exceeds the Australian carpet cleaning requirements in Australian Standard AS3733-1995. Our professionally accredited Adelaide Commercial Carpet Cleaners ensure Risk Management and Occupational Health & Safety guidelines specifically tailored to your facility are followed at all times.

Adelaide Motel Carpet Cleaning
Adelaide Motel Carpet Cleaners

Gym Carpet Cleaners Hilton
Gym Carpet Cleaning Hilton

Call now on 0449 127 793 and book an appointment with one of our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide specialists, who will work with you to create a custom maintenance program which addresses the specific carpet cleaning needs of your Adelaide business.

We were going to rip up our office carpets and replace them with new, but Delight came and did an amazing job cleaning them, at a fraction of the cost! - Michele: Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide CBD